About us

On May 1st 2002, Permanence Bahnhof Luzern MedCenter AG opened its doors under the name Permanence medical center Lucerne.

In May 2002 Myriam Matter and her former partner founded the Permanence medical center Lucerne. In August 2016, she took over the shares of her former partner and today is the sole owner of Permanence Bahnhof Lucerne MedCenter AG. Since this acquisition, Ms. Myriam Matter has founded the following companies:

  • MedCenter AG (Holding)
  • Praxis am Bahnhof Luzern MedCenter AG
  • MedCenter Advisory AG
  • Praxis Mall of Switzerland MedCenter AG

As part of the change of ownership, Herbert Sterchi also began his role as Managing Director of Permanence Bahnhof Luzern MedCenter AG. He supports Myriam Matter actively and professionally in all operational and financial matters. Herbert Sterchi has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of management / financial planning - especially in the IT industry. Now he brings his expertise to the healthcare industry in an extremely effective and practical way. This is perceived as a great enrichment and greatly appreciated by Myriam Matter.




Our philosophy

We give you our time, our skills and our energy!

  • You may come to us at any time - without advance notification.
  • You can tell us your request - and expect immediate help.
  • You can benefit from our medical knowledge and modern infrastructure. 
  • You may know that we are regularly certified to ensure quality at all times. 
  • You may contact us for feedback at any time.
  • We take care of you - without your reservation. 
  • We are on site 365 days a day - in a central location. 
  • We listen to you and ask the appropriate questions.
  • We provide you with security in an exceptional situation. 
  • We discuss the further procedure with you. 
  • We will send a report to your family doctor or 
  • We refer you to the family doctors of the MedCenter Group if you do not have a family doctor yet.


The Permanence sends your bill directly to the health insurance respectively. the insurance.


The services provided in Permanence are recognized by health insurances / insurances. The basis for invoicing the services provided is the official tariff item of the Tarmed. This regulates the settlement ...

  • ...the medical service 
  • ...of diagnostic examinations (laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, etc.) 
  • ...the therapies including the medicines and materials (bandages, splints, etc.)

The invoice to be settled is sent directly to the insurances by Permanence. Any refunds (deductible, franchise, etc.) will be charged to the patient by the insurance company.

On-site there is also the possibility of direct payment (cash / card). If you live outside Switzerland, the service will only be provided in cash (card).

If you have any questions or doubts about the invoice, please contact
041 226 11 46